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The Newcomer's Guide to

San Miguel de Allende

This Guide Is For You If...

  • You've just moved to San Miguel and you're not quite sure how to go about setting up your new life.
  • You're a visitor here for a few weeks or even a few months, and you're ready to dive in but are hoping for some "insider" tips.
  • You're thinking of moving here and want to get the low down on la vida loca, the crazy wonderful life we expats enjoy here in SMA.

What's Inside?

All the details you'll need to:

  • set up your utilities
  • make emergency phone calls
  • use the metric system
  • meet others with similar interests
  • enjoy cultural events
  • learn important words in Spanish
  • better understand Mexican culture

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one of the largest and most respected real estate agencies in San Miguel de Allende. We understand that living in San Miguel for the first time is both exciting and challenging, and we hope this guide will help make your

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