MX Phone: 415.185.8311 or 415.185.8407

US & Canada Phone: 1 (214) 550.4898

Mail and Packages

When you want to send and/or receive mail and packages, you have a few different options. By the time you add on handling fees and duty, none of these options are cheap, but all of them are cheaper than going to the U.S.

For a monthly or yearly fee, businesses such as Solutions will bring your mail and packages from the U.S. and deliver them it into your local mail box. They will also take mail and packages into the U.S. and mail them for you.

Check with each company for exact rates and what they can/ cannot bring in. These companies also often provide Fed Ex, UPS and DHL service (although, sadly, you won't find any brawny guys in brown shirts).

There are a few companies in town who deal more in packages than regular mail. For example, La Unión in Centro, (152 5694) is one example, and they provide both FedEx and DHL service.

Another option is using a shipping service that maintains a U.S. address. No yearly or monthly fee is required, and you can order almost anything and have it delivered to their U.S. address, and then they will bring it in to Mexico.

Lavinia's Framing (154-5344) is one such example.

Located a few doors down from the "regular" post office on Correo (which means mail), Mex Post is good for packages that other services won't take, like liquid medical samples, and for packages sent within Mexico. Items can take up to 2 weeks to arrive, though, so plan ahead.

As for the "regular" post office, I used it once to ship a package. They allowed me to negotiate down (by half!) the price to ship a homemade diorama my then 9-year-old daughter wanted to send to her friend in the U.S. It arrived without incident. Hoping to build on that success, I ordered some beads from the

US to be delivered by the "regular" post. They never arrived.

It's also worth noting that the local utility companies do not use the regular post office but have their employees walking the streets to deliver bills. Just sayin'.