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The 3 Most Important Factors Necessary To Sell Your Home and Why You Should List With Realty San Miguel


One of the most important truths in real estate: the more desirable the location of your home, the larger the number of potential buyers. And vice-versa!

You can't control this, nor can your Realtor.


You will have to beat your competition, i.e., all the other homeowners who are trying to sell their house, too. Your home must be priced within range of the competition to even get noticed.

You can control this, with the expertise of the right Realtor.


Exposure comes mainly in three forms: print ads, showings and website traffic. Your property will require more exposure if the market is not booming. The better your location and more competitive your price, the less exposure your house will need before it's sold. However, the amount of exposure necessary to sell your home will increase drastically if the location is less than ideal or the pricing is less competitive.

You can control this by choosing a Realtor who gives you exceptional exposure.

Everything Else Is Secondary

Professional photos, wonderful staging, and fancy realty offices are not as important as location, price and exposure. Even the best agent cannot quickly sell an overpriced home or overcome a bad location. If you already have a home on the market and are wondering why it hasn't sold, it's almost certainly because of one or more of these issues.

Exposure in the 21st Century

“90% of home buyers used the internet to search for their home.”
(Jan. 2013, U.S. National Association of Realtors)

This statistic means that the vast majority of buyers start their search online. This number is up from only 63% in 2009. In just a few years, the game has changed dramatically, and Realty San Miguel is winning this game.

In the 4th quarter of 2014, 72% of Realty San Miguel's non-SMA-resident buyers shopped on our website and had already set an appointment with one of our agents before they even arrived in San Miguel.

We have spent the last 5 years investing in, planning, and building the fastest, most user friendly and comprehensive bilingual real estate website in San Miguel.'s website statistics for 2014 demonstrate the extent of our exposure:

  • Almost 1.2 million individual property pages viewed (excludes webcam & non-property pages)
  • Of these individual property pages viewed, over 500,000 were by returning visitors who had already viewed 10 or more properties on our site.
  • 3 different web traffic estimators indicate that our site receives more visits than any of our competitors.
    In fact, they indicate that it receives 4 times the traffic of our closest competitor.

In Addition to Internet Exposure, We Provide Network Promotion to Increase the Number of Showings

Did you know that approximately 70% of the real estate sales in 2014 were co-brokered and had more than one agent and or agency involved? Although there are still a few agencies who primarily focus on selling their own listings, the majority of the agencies now focus on cooperating with other agencies in order to provide buyers with more options and sellers with more potential buyers. For this reason, it is in your best interest to list your property with an agency that is well connected and fully participates within the whole real estate community.

Realty San Miguel has a huge network of agents who will know about your property within a matter of days. Although our agents network in multiple ways, our primary method is through the local real estate association, AMPI (Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios). Currently there are 120 agents in AMPI, and the group utilizes a range of tools that help agents to cooperate with each other and provide maximum exposure for their clients. These tools provide a platform where your listing agent can send one email, or make a single slide presentation and 120 other agents now know about your property. All of the agents of Realty San Miguel are among the most active in AMPI and fully utilize the tools available. The primary tools are as follows:

  • Weekly Network Meetings - The rules of our AMPI group allow us to present a slide presentation of your property when it is a new listing, when an Open House is held, and when there is a price reduction.
  • Open Houses - In most cases, your agent will hold an Open House and introduce your property to other agents so that they can see it first hand.
  • Our Google Group - AMPI also operates a Google Group that helps all of the agents stay connected. Within this group we share New Listings, Open House notices, Price Reductions and perhaps most important, Buyer Needs emails. In a “Buyer Needs” email, which are sent out throughout the day on an ongoing basis, an agent announces that they have a buyer looking for a property with specific criteria. All of the agents at Realty San Miguel are required to carry smart phones so that they can check these emails as soon as they are received. When your property matches a need, your agent will respond to the requesting agent and ask that your property be placed on the list of homes being shown to that buyer.

When you list exclusively with Realty San Miguel, not only will you be receiving the maximum exposure for your property, but our agents will also provide:

  • Property Valuation - Help in evaluating and determining the value of your property and the best strategy to sell it.
  • Tax Exposure - Guidance through the process of determining your capital gains status, and if taxes will be owed, how much you will owe based on your property selling within a given price range and possible strategies to minimize these taxes. The last thing that you need is unexpected tax news as your property is about to close. It’s our philosophy that the time to solve tax issues is at the beginning of the listing - not after an offer is received and the buyer is demanding a quick response.
  • Closing Services - When it comes time to close on your property, we will carefully guide you through the whole process. Closing a transaction in San Miguel is not rocket science, but there are a myriad of potential obstacles that need to be carefully considered and navigated in every case, as well as constantly changing laws and rules that govern the process. Our agents and staff are great navigators who will hold your hand until every “t” has been crossed and every signature has been signed. They are knowledgeable, up to date on all of the various issues, and backed by a great team of outside experts - from home inspectors, escrow agents, and international money transfer agents to attorneys and accountants.

Call us today for a no obligation price evaluation and let us give you the exposure you need to sell your home.