MX Phone: 415.185.8311 or 415.185.8407

US & Canada Phone: 1 (214) 550.4898


It's easy to get around in San Miguel, even if you don't own a car. Obviously, you can walk to a lot of places, and this is really the best way to get to know the town. I was pleasantly surprised by all of the

little shops and cafés I found when I finally got out of the driving mindset. However, when you need wheels, you need wheels. Your transportation options are as follows:

Granted, the interior of most San Miguel buses is a far cry from luxury. And you'll get that "local" feeling on the bus, complete with loud school kids, sweaty, aftershaved bodies and musicians playing for a handout. (I've frequently wanted to pay these guys to stop playing, but that would be rude.)

The upside? The bus is very cheap. You can get most anywhere in and around town for a few pesos; seniors with an Inapam ID and students with a student ID pay less.

I've heard that sometimes the tourist office across from the Jardin has bus schedules, but I've never seen one. Since you'll be hard pressed to get

your hands on one of those schedules that lists every stop on a particular route, the best way to find out where a particular bus goes is to simply get on and ride the route. Of course, neighborhoods are usually named on the front of the bus, so you'll have a general idea of where you're going.

Within and close to Centro, a taxis ride is one price. Once you get outside of Centro, the

prices increase. If you are worried about the price, ask the driver how much it will cost before you get in. Catching a taxi on the street is safe, but if you want one to come to your home, you can call, e.g.,

ServiTaxi at 415.152.5993 to arrange for pick up. Note, however, that a taxi typically charges double to come to a specific location.

For trips to the airport, you can contact a company like Bajio Go at 415.185.8665. They will come to your house at whatever hour is necessary to make sure you

arrive at the airport on time. They will also pick you up from the airport, provided you have made prior arrangements. Check in advance about how the company handles pick-ups

when your flight arrives late, as policies vary.

If you want to drive yourself, you can call San Miguel Rental Car at 415.152-0198 or 415.154.8621. We rented a car from them and drove to

Mexico City with a car that had plates allowing us to drive there every day of the week. It couldn't have been easier.

BajioGo (see above) also handles rentals.

car carro KAH roh
parking (lot) estacionamiento es TAH see OWN ah me EN toh
taxi taxi TACKS ee