MX Phone: 415.185.8311 or 415.185.8407

US & Canada Phone: 1 (214) 550.4898

Spanish Language Schools

San Miguel is home to many good Spanish schools, both within and outside of Centro. If you are looking for a private tutor or informal conversation group, check the Civil SMA Facbook page for current hours and contact information. What follows is a list of the most established schools and their contact information.

Academia Hispano
Americana (AHA)
Mesones #4

Instituto Habla Hispana
Calzada de la Luz 25


Josefina's School (aka Centro Mexicano de Lengua y Cultura)
Colonia San Antonio
Located on Orizaba in San Antonio, Josefina's school holds regular and private classes for students of all ages. The also offer a number of summer programs for children and teens, which include lots of activities and outings.
This school offers intensive courses which are designed to get your Spanish up and running quickly. For adults only.