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El Grito

September 15

One of the most stirring and emotional patriotic celebrations you will probably ever attend.  Around 10pm, a parade winds through Centro, honoring the central figures of the Independence.  At 10:45, the Mexican flag arrives from Dolores Hidalgo at Casa de Allende (in the Jardin). Following that, a runner enters the Jardin carrying a torch.  At 11pm, the mayor begins his/her speech from the balcony of Casa de Allende. This speech is a reenactment of the late night grito (shout) that Father Hidalgo gave on September 15, 1810, calling the Mexican people to fight oppression, free themselves from the Spaniards, and marked the beginning of the War of Independence.  A spectacular fireworks show punctuates the end of the speech and brings down the house, year after year.

Be sure to arrive at least a couple of hours early as the Jardin will fill up quickly (and to overflowing).