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Holy Thursday (or Maundy Thursday)

Observed Thursday of Easter Week

This is the first day of the Passion of Christ, the time during which Jesus was arrested, tried, suffered and was crucified. At noon, priests perform foot washings. Around 5-7pm, families traditionally walk to 7 churches in their area to view the altar and perhaps say a prayer. This walk represents the 7 locations that Jesus went to before he died, beginning with the Last Supper and ending with the crucifixion. Ladies stand outside each church and offer chamomile and bread to the visitors.   The Oratorio (located in Centro, at the end of Insurgentes in the plaza) is specially decorated and considered the most important church on this occasion because the Good Friday procession begins from here.

In addition, Colonia San Luis Rey presents a reenactment of the Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) during the evening.  Many offices and businesses close on this day and do not reopen until Monday.