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Arrival of pilgrims for the pilgrimage to San Juan de los Lagos/Walk Against Domestic Violence

January 24

Every year at this time thousands of "pilgrims" on their way to venerate a statue called "Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos" arrive in San Miguel.  "Our Lady" resides in a church in Jalisco, Mexico, and  is known for performing miracles of healing. Somewhere between 7-9 million worshippers seek her out yearly. The pilgrims entering San Miguel are welcomed in with great fanfare, and sent on their way from the train station with equal enthusiasm, along with the "new" pilgrims from San Miguel who will join them. Click here to watch a short video of just one portion of the pilgrimage.

In recent years, many ex-pat residents of San Miguel along with other local supporters have joined the pilgrims as a way of raising awareness and financial assistance in the fight against domestic violence.