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I was very much the accidental co-shopper for a house in SM. What transformed the experience from one of acute reluctance to one of confidence was Philip Hardcastle. One just knows when one has lucked into the right person for the job. The informative ads in the local paper steered us in his direction and when I met him, it was immediately apparent that he was trustworthy and knowledgeable and that if a house were to be bought, it would be through him. He knows his stuff and is quick to point out the positive features of a house as well as its weaknesses. It was a huge relief to know that I would have the benefit not only of his experience in construction but also his familiarity with the steps involved in a legal transaction. That, combined with an integrity and openness and helpfulness that inspires trust, made the search for and purchase of a house an easeful and even pleasurable experience. His support staff was equally helpful so I without hesitation recommend Philip and his team to anyone. Marcia Webster Abrosimova