MX Phone: 415.185.8311 or 415.185.8407

US & Canada Phone: 1 (214) 550.4898


We loved working with Jessica. She knew half the people in town and even the most obscure streets, plus she seemed tireless in showing both RSM listings as well as all of the others we asked for. She worked very well with the other realtors who accompanied us to their listings. Her English is about flawless, and I also appreciated speaking Spanish with her and her “coaching.” We enjoyed Gloria, who seemed to be the most plugged in woman in town. We loved being able to also work with Philip. His knowledge of the business, buildings and structures, laws and key people were invaluable to us in processing our transaction. The recommendation we received from friends for him was absolutely correct. If it weren’t for Philip, Jessica, Gloria, Lucero and RSM, we would not be home owners in SMA today. We are just delighted with the ease of the process, not to mention with our new home. Wendy Weber & Jim Knoch