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Property id# 7601

Beautiful and huge property ideal for a high-end residential self-sustainable development

For Sale $17,339,700 USD
Listed as: $315,000,000 MXN
Colonia: Carr. a Celaya
Size land: 4,500,000 m²

Great opportunity purchase for investors or for developers who are looking for a partner to contribute land in the project contribution modality!

Just 40 minutes from San Miguel de Allende.

It has a total of 450 hectares (1,112 acres), that can be sold as a whole or in sets of 100 or 150 hectares (247 or 370 acres).


The property is ideal for a high-end ecological and self-sustainable housing development;

Due to its location, it is very accessible for visitors from San Miguel Allende, Celaya, Querétaro, etc.
There is a construction project for a highway that will pass next to the property and that will connect Comonfort with Querétaro.

Due to the nature of the property, it is also ideal for practicing ecotourism activities.

From the moment one enters the property, it is easy to appreciate the richness and natural beauty of the land, and it is easy to feel that it is a unique place.



It has a wide variety of conifers and oaks (in the upper part of the property there is a forest of oaks), there are also a large number of endemic trees and shrubs. The property has approximately 15,000 red cedar trees and a walnut orchard. You can also find a large number of cacti and succulents typical of this area.


There are several species of mammals such as deer, coyotes, raccoons, badgers, armadillos, squirrels, foxes, tomcats, opossums, rabbits, etc.
There are birds of prey such as hawks, eagles, owls; there are woodpeckers, roadrunners, goldfinches, hummingbirds, finches, pigeons, doves, etc.

There are also a large number of reptiles such as vipers and lizards.



There are three ravines that They cover an approximate area of ​​25% of the total area.

Every ravine counts with streams, waterfalls and springs that form naturally during the rainy season.

60% is made up of plains, slopes and hills.

15% are the top of the mountains with crags and cliffs.

(Percentages are approximate)


Other features:

The property is fenced in its complete with cattle stone fence 1.20 high and 3 strands of wire spikes with their posts, being approximately 12 kilometers long.


The property has a nature with rainwater collection that makes it self-sufficient for its needs of the property, it has 4 borders of which 2 are maintained with water all year round, it also has a water hole which has water all the year.

There is a study that supports the feasibility of water in the aquifer found in the subsoil.


The property is very rich different types of stone excellent for construction.

It also has banks of high quality tepetate.

Exceptional location 

Its location is excellent: 4 Km from Comonfort, 20 km from San Miguel Allende, 20 km from Celaya, and 25 km from Querétaro.

There are currently 6 kilometers of roads and trails. 

The installation of a line for electrical supply, with an advance of 80%.

It has land use for a sustainable housing development.


The property in its highest part It has an exceptional panoramic view since you can see the cities of Querétaro (Juriquilla), Celaya, and the limits of San Miguel Allende.

The highest part is at 2300 above sea level. 


Price per square meter $70 mxn.


It's a great opportunity to investment! 


For more information, contact us.

Agent: Lilia Aguilar    461.115.0248

Agent: Gabriel Rubiera    415.101.0474

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