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Property id# 7185

Terrenos Horizonte Land Lot #21

For Sale $136,500 USD
Listed as: $2,454,804 MXN
Colonia: Marroquin de Abajo
Size land: 1,116 m²
Rooted within the exclusive and extravagant area of ranches in the best city to live in, San Miguel de Allende. Horizonte is the product from the passion felt for the city but also the hunger to get more out of life and the reach of the curiosity of our future. Coupled beautifully with the desire to create land lots with amazingly gorgeous views, and a one of a kind opportunity to expand an individual's patrimony or an asset/ investment portfolio.

Terrenos Horizonte, the vessel for the imagination into reality.

Agent: Administrator - 415.185.8311

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Property 7185 Map in San Miguel de Allende