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Letter of Support and Appreciation for Services Rendered by Ms. Marlene Rodriguez and Mr. Arturo Nava. 1. I am writing this memorandum in support of complimentary services received by Ms. Marlene Rodriguez and Mr. Arturo Nava, as our appointed realtors from March-July 2022. 2. In March 2022, my partner and I set out on a journey to explore real estate options in the San Miguel de Allende area for future retirement home consideration. After multiple failed attempts to reach out to real estate companies to assist in home searches prior to our arrival in San Miguel, we found an enthusiastic, friendly, and extremely helpful Ms. Rodriguez and Mr. Nava who diligently worked around the clock to ensure we had properties that we approved of lined up for our viewing. 3. Marlene and Arturo came to pick us up at our hotel and spent two full days showing us an extensive list of requested properties. Additionally, they showed us around the local area and made our short time available in the area worthwhile. Ultimately, we found a home that we fell in love with and consequently could not consider walking away. We placed an offer, with the help and suggestions of Marlene and Arturo, and eventually settled on a price, closing in July 2022. 4. What we found exceptional about her service was the time and courtesy that Marlene and Arturo spent accommodating our special needs. As foreign home buyers, we had unique challenges. I am an active duty U.S. Military member stationed overseas in Germany. My partner, Javier, lives in Texas. We had a considerate amount of paperwork, including apostle services, international purchasing agreements, and power of attorney paperwork that had to be completed through the assistance of Marlene and Arturo. They never made us feel that we were a burden or a complicated case, as they guided us flawlessly through the process. 5. Upon closing, Marlene and Arturo even went out of their way to assist with finding and linking us up with local services such as utilities, gardeners, and contract workers for renovations. They still check in with us from time to time to see if she can be of assistance. We realize this is above and beyond and we wanted to make sure we recognized the exceptional and thoughtful services that made our dream home purchase a reality. 6. We appreciate all that has been done for us and would not hesitate to recommend Marlene and Arturo, both, as realtors to future home buyers. Thank you. LORI M. TAPLEY COL, AN Chief, Division of Primary Care