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Evangelina Espinosa

Evangelina graduated from the prestigious Univeridad Iberoamericana with a degree in psychology. Thereafter she obtained another degree in psychotherapy with a specialty in Core Energetics. When she finished her education she moved from Mexico City to Guadalajara where her more creative passions took over and steered her toward the food industry.

As a chef she was known for creating the best cake in La Casita Delicatessen which launched her into a career as a gourmet food store owner and founder.

After over 20 years in Guadalajara, she admits that San Miguel swept her offer feet; not only with its picturesque streets, romantic sunset views and enchanting music and art scenes, but the food experience especially.

Once in San Miguel she re-invented herself again and has been a licensed real estate agent since 2016. Evangelina has a contagious love for San Miguel which she incorporates into her work. Her passion for architecture and design help with both buyers and sellers, and those who are new to San Miguel will not only be lucky to have her as an experienced agent, but an expert food critic as well.


What an absolute pleasure it was working with the Realty San Miguel team, specifically with Evangelina Espinosa. She is a true professional, fully dedicated to her clients needs. My wife and I speak no Spanish which was never a hindrance because Evangelina is fluent in English. She always responded promptly to our myriad of questions and made all necessary arrangements for a smooth process. An absolute joy to work with.