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Philip Hardcastle

Realty San Miguel is owned and operated by Philip Hardcastle. Philip oversees all of the strategic planning of the company, day to day operations, marketing, and personnel. He is exceptional in sales, and works tirelessly at providing outstanding service from beginning to end of each transaction. Philip has a passion for educating his clients about their options, and his expertise in both construction and real estate provides the perfect platform. He can often be heard explaining to his clients "I'm going to tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear."

Philip is known for his honesty, integrity, and fairness to all parties involved. He also stays up to date on changes in the market, relevant legal issues and local happenings which might affect buyers and sellers in San Miguel.

He has a long history in construction and sales. Philip worked as a design-builder for over 28 years, and owned his own company for most of that time. He has designed and built residential and commercial buildings in Texas, Hawaii, Cambodia and Mexico. Because of his strong and varied business skills, he also held a position on the advisory board of Jim Rohn International, a multi-million dollar company based in Southlake, Texas, for over 10 years. Something of a jack of all trades, Philip is also a skilled carpenter and builder of fine furniture.

Born and raised in Texas, Philip attended A & M University, where he studied architecture. As a young man he moved to Hawaii, where he ran a successful construction company for ten years. He then returned to Texas, this time to Dallas, where he developed a strong reputation in residential construction. He is currently a full time resident of San Miguel.


Philip Hardcastle was actively involved with our purchase and always available to guide us.
I am extending myself to you in an effort to introduce an individual whose compassion and understanding will mean a great deal. It will make the difference in allowing you a chance to see those possibilities in your future that are so often hard to find. Phillip Hardcastle has done this for me. He has clarified a process for me with the patience and diligence that you would want from a close friend. You see, there is something far more important when looking for an agency that will hold your aspirations. You are looking for that necessary component that goes beyond mere advice, you are looking for trust. A lot depends on this and that is why I know that you will find Phillip as a valuable colleague. You are on a grand adventure for something that will hold your future and I can assure you that with his expertise and sensitivity you will find a process that has your best interests at heart. I wish you every joy in finding that house that you will make into a home for those you care and love.