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Property id# 7993

Terreno Carretera SMA - QRO

For Sale $60,200 USD
Listed as: $1,000,000 MXN
Colonia: Carr. a Queretaro
Size land: 500 m²

The area enjoys high appreciation and is just 3 km from the San Miguel de Allende Business Polygon, easily accessible via the Jalpa-Santa Rosa Jauregui road. Soon, the construction of a roundabout at the entrance to San Miguel de Allende is expected, further enhancing the connectivity and accessibility of the area. Electricity supply from the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is available at the street, and water is managed through collection and tanker trucks due to the low density of the area. Additionally, the land has all documents in order and is ready for title deeds, facilitating an efficient and hassle-free acquisition process. Don't miss the opportunity to invest in these strategically located plots in one of Mexico's most charming cities. Make your commercial vision come to life here!

Agent: Administrator - 415.185.8311

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Property 7993 Map in San Miguel de Allende