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Property id# 7103

Terreno Residencial Martorell

For Sale $150,500 USD
Listed as: $2,500,000 MXN
Colonia: Carr. a Celaya
Size land: 1,000 m²
Welcome to the plot of your dreams in Martorell!This incredible and magical 1,000-square-meter piece of land offers you a dreamlike natural environment in Martorell, located in the mid-altitude mountains south of San Miguel de Allende. Just 18 minutes from the historic center of the most glamorous city in Mexico, you can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of 323 hectares of exuberant nature.Martorell Residencial is located on the renowned "Wine Route" on Highway 51 Comonfort-San Miguel de Allende, specifically at kilometer 28, in front of the successful development of Viñedo San Miguel. You will be able to delight yourself with panoramic views and impressive landscapes while you connect with nature.This Lot with number 16 has unique characteristics that make it truly special. Rainwater harvesting allows you to make sustainable use of this vital resource. The gardens are designed with native base species, which not only beautifies the environment, but also contributes to the conservation of local flora and fauna. In addition, it has individual treatment plants that allow the use of water for agricultural or ornamental irrigation, thus promoting sustainable practices.The care of the endemic environment is a priority in this field. Environmental procedures are carried out that stimulate rainfall, which favors the ecosystem and promotes the recovery of flora and fauna. In addition, wetlands are generated that provide a favorable habitat for various species.The connectivity with the endemic forest and the reserve zone is a prominent feature of this terrain. You will be able to enjoy nature in its maximum splendor, exploring trails and routes that will allow you to discover the beauty that surrounds you. In addition, you will have an ecovía on the main boulevard, promoting a healthy lifestyle and in harmony with the environment.With its location close to San Miguel de Allende and Celaya, together with its connection with nature, it is the perfect place to build the house of your dreams, where you can enjoy the natural beauty, fresh air and tranquility that you so long for. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this unique experience! Frontage:  20 Depth:  50

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