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Property id# 6074

Lot for sale in Tzibanza with amazing view to Zimapan Dam

For Sale $2,287,000 USD
Listed as: $38,000,000 MXN
Colonia: Tzibanza, Queretaro
Size land: 100,000 m²

This is a development opportunity where you can piggyback on the development next door.

Zimapan is a large lake a little more than two hours away from San Miguel de Allende and about an hour away from Queretaro, bordering the states of Queretaro and Hildago. It is one of Mexico's best bass fishing and water-sport lakes and is almost 40 km (24 miles) long.

This property is across the street from the entry to a new multi-million dollar 200+ hectares (500 acres) development which is currently under construction. In addition to 130 high-end lots included in the Phase I plan, there will be a hotel, restaurants and bars, water sports facilities, walking trails, a park, and the already installed 17 kilometers of downhill mountain bike trails designed by a professional biker. When finished, this development will become a destination in and of itself.

If you are not familiar with lake Zimapan, the dam was built as a hydroelectric plant to generate electricity and was completed in 1995 at the point where two rivers merge. Since both rivers were already deep in canons with little road access, even though the lake is miles long, there are very few points of entry from either state.  Complicating the development of the area for recreation and residential use is the fact that much of the land on both sides of the river is ejido (communal lands primarily used for agriculture where community members have rights to the land without ownership) and very few parcels have an actual deed that can be transferred.

This piece of property is one of very few in the area that does have a legal deed that can be transferred and also has water rights that will convey with the property. The municipality officials where the property is located have been very cooperative with the developer across the street and seem pleased that there is interest in growing and developing the area.

Because we believe that the development next door will be a fantastic place to live and visit, we believe the offering of this property provides a small developer a perfect opportunity to develop a complementary product and ride the coattails of the larger development or for an individual to build a (or ten) estate size properties and enjoy the amenities offered next door.

The size of the land is about 10 hectares (24.76 acres) and has fantastic views. On one side there are about 300 meters (1,000 feet) of a paved municipal road with water and electricity and on the other side of the property is part of the lake.

To find this area on Google Earth search for Isla Tzibanza. 

Most finished lots available around Isla Tzibanza are being offered at the price of around $4,000 MXN per square meter, and since this is such a large property, the seller is offering it for only $380 MXN per square meter.

Agent: Lilia Aguilar    461.115.0248

Agent: Philip Hardcastle    415.153.9520    Call using whatsapp

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