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Arturo Nava

"Originally from Mexico City, Arturo has spent most of his adult life in San Miguel de Allende.

A self-proclaimed sponge for knowledge, Arturo is not only bilingual but has also obtained a degree in Mexican Law and is a certified professional coach in Neurolinguistics. This means that he brings a comprehension to the purchase-sale process that instills confidence in buyers and sellers, both Mexican and foreign. He is passionate about helping people understand and fulfill their dreams.

When not working or studying, Arturo is an athlete and nature enthusiast, firmly believing in the importance of work-life balance."


I cannot wait to tell you about my experience working with Marlene Rodriguez and Arturo Nava. First, they are the hardest working realtors I have ever met. They worked with us for two weeks, showing us properties that fit our parameters. We didn’t waste time looking at properties that didn’t fit the criteria we had for our new house and not once did any of my texts or emails go unanswered. They were unbelievably attentive. Additionally, my Spanish is really really bad, but their English is really good so they were able to work out all of the contract details that would have been impossible to navigate without them. Mr. Nava is also an attorney so between his background and Mrs. Rodriguez’ experience in real estate, I felt completely at ease knowing they had my best interests covered. In summation, this was my first experience in securing a property in Mexico and I was very unsure of the process. Mrs. Rodriguez and Mr. Nava not only gave me total confidence with their experience, they were also very fun to be with! Whether you’re an experienced ex-pat or someone who is new to living in Mexico, don’t go anywhere else for property. Call Marlene and Arturo for absolute premium service.