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Market Update

Monthly Market Update April 2024

Welcome to our monthly real estate update! We're excited to share the latest news and trends in the San Miguel de Allende housing market with you. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, this newsletter has something for everyone.

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Inventory still remains high with more than three times more properties for sale than will probably sell in 2024. The inventory appears to continue to grow. Year to date 140 have actually closed while New Listings have grown by 446.

What will push prices down?

The high inventory compared to actual sales will keep pushing prices down. Many sellers will hold out for the higher sales price, but as I have learned in my almost twenty years in San Miguel real estate, there are always sellers who will either just want to move on and accept less money for their properties or will have financial pressures that will cause them to drop their prices.

What will push prices up?

Inflation will continue to push prices up. The costs of the materials and labor continue to increase the Replacement Costs calculations to value a property will also continue to increase. This will keep upward pressure on prices but probably won't be enough to completely offset the downward pressure that the high inventory brings. 

What this means to sellers?

The main thing that sellers need to understand is that at the current pace of sales, only a little less than 30% of properties currently on the market will sell this year. Stated more harshly, seven out of ten homes for sale won't sell this year. This means there is a lot of properites competing against yours - and this applies to every neighborhood and price range. Most buyers will be looking for Value for the Money, so it will be important to make price of your property very attractive to buyers. If you are not sure how to price your property we are happy to help you evaluate your options.

What this means to buyers?

Because inventory continues to outpace actual sales, there are beginning to be a lot of substantial Price Reductions and many sellers will continue lowering their prices. The rest of 2024 will continue to see the market shift to more of a Buyer's Market. The good news for buyers is that if you can't win your first choise property there will be plenty of other options and perhaps you will find a seller more willing to negotiate on the price. The exception to this is for the homes which are in excelent condition and location. They always seem to attract buyers who are willing to pay a premium.

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