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Moving To San Miguel

Do you dream of living in San Miguel de Allende, but get overwhelmed just trying to imagine actually moving to Mexico? Do you wish you could sit down and talk to other expats who’ve made the move to San Miguel and are loving it? Well make yourself comfortable, because we’ve provided you with the next best thing - interviews with dozens of expats about their experiences moving to San Miguel. Search the following videos by topics like Buying Real Estate in San Miguel, Building a Home in San Miguel, Where Do Expats Come From? and even advice provided especially for those considering the move. We interviewed a wide variety of people in order to provide you with a more comprehensive look - retirees, working families with children, those who are living on a budget and those with plenty to spare, young couples, older expats who have reinvented themselves, and everyone in between. If you’re considering moving to San Miguel, you’ve got to watch these videos!