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Life In San Miguel

Life in San Miguel is often described as magical. Is it the weather? The culture? Perhaps it’s the abundance of art found all over town. In a quest to answer this question, we interviewed dozens of folks from cities all across the U.S. and Canada and even a few from Europe, and asked them to give us some details about their magical life here in San Miguel. We talked about the cost of living, adjusting to the Mexican culture, raising kids here, social and cultural activities, safety in Mexico, driving, and more. We interviewed a wide variety of people in order to provide you with a more comprehensive look - retirees, working families with children, those who are living on a budget and those with plenty to spare, young couples, older expats who have reinvented themselves, and everyone in between. If you’re as curious as we were about the magic that everyone in San Miguel talks about, have a look at these videos.