MX Phone: 415.185.8311 or 415.185.8407

US & Canada Phone: 1 (214) 550.4898


Ours was potentially a lot more complicated than the typical Norte Americanos. As our Español is virtually non-existent There were several significant moments in the process that had Kathy not been present we each may have blown a stress-gasket. But there was Kathy. She would answer any and all directives on our behalf bringing us into the discussion but even more importantly finding the way to bring a smile to that official’s face! She also provided us with curated businesses, insurance etc,. that have also proved to be invaluable timesavers as we go forward settling in as Residente Permanente. Don’t hesitate to let her assist you if you are so inclined. Trust me, you’ll have fun and get things done the right way! Many, many thanks Kathy!

- M.M.