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Robin Mackenzie


Originally from Canada, Robin graduated from York University’s bilingual Glendon College
with a degree in English and then completed her Bachelor of Education (BEd) at Trent
University in Ontario, Canada. She has lived and taught in Japan, South Korea and most
recently, Mexico, where she has called home since 2009.

Robin is an incredibly talented entrepreneur at heart who brought a variety of experiences
with her when she joined our real estate team. For the past seven years, she and her
husband have been well known in San Miguel for their successful restaurant upstart La Mesa
Grande. Prior to this, she was working as English Coordinator at an international school
and has taught at both the high school and elementary levels for twenty years.

With her background in both teaching and business ownership, Robin is proficient in
several languages and comes to the Realty San Miguel team with an excellent knowledge of
customer service and client satisfaction. Her love for architecture and interior design
allow her to help her clients see the potential of a property that might otherwise be
overlooked. She helped design and oversaw parts of the building process of her own home,
and has a number of contacts who can help with just about any aspect of finding and
creating your dream home.

Robin is a member of AMPI, the local professional real estate organization.