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Diane Goldie


Diane is originally from Northern California and came to Mexico to do community
service work with UC Berkley in the late 60’s. She visited San Miguel often in
this time, and fell in love with it from her very first visit. Through study and
living in Peru and Spain, she went on to become completely bilingual while
working in both countries.

Returning to live in San Miguel in 2002, it was in 2003 that she began buying
real estate. With a strong sense of design, and skills in both decorating and
restoration, she helped put life back into her first home here-- a 17th century

Diane is very sociable and outgoing, and has a background teaching elementary
school and special education. She later transitioned these skills while working
as a human resource generalist in the finance, high tech, and hospitality
industries. She is an excellent resource for home sales and purchase, but also
when looking for advice on how to get the most out of our city: dining, shopping
and cultural tips are always at her fingertips!

In her free time, Diane enjoys walking, traveling in Mexico and abroad, and
sampling the local cuisine wherever her travels take her.

Diane is a member of AMPI, the local professional association of real estate