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Market Update

Outstanding Listing

From time to time I am going to let you know about listings that I think are really outstanding. It could be because they are so unusual, or well-designed or just great value. This one I think is all three: 436-17247-san-miguel-real-estate   Located right in the center of town, this is a grand townhome with two-story library, home theater, gymnasium, elevator, gourmet kitchen and 360 degree views to die for! 436-22286-san-miguel-real-estate The quality of the finishing is extraordinary with marble tiles in the kitchen, living room and master baths. Every bedroom has an ensuite bath with electric heater (for those occasional cool mornings) and walk-in closet. 436-17249-san-miguel-real-estate The central courtyard is a traditional design with arches and pillars. It is also absolutely private--no-one from surrounding houses can see in. In this climate you spend a lot of time outside so this makes a lovely entertaining area. courtyard Does it have a traditional hand-carved stone fountain? Why, of course it does: fountain You say you want a look at that library? Here it is: library And this is just five minutes walk to most of the good restaurants and concert halls. How much, you ask? I don't want to sound like one of those late-night infomercials, but it really is less than you would think. There are 7400 sq ft of construction and the asking price is $1,250,000 which works out to $169 USD a sq ft including the land. I doubt you could build it for that.