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Market Update

Covid Risk Rebate to International Buyers

Realty San Miguel realizes that because of covid, buyer who live outside of Mexico and
who make the trip to San Miguel to purchase real estate are taking some additional risks.  We have decided to share in this risk with you.

Any international buyer who travels to San Miguel de Allende and who signs a purchases contract to buy a home or property through Realty San Miguel before the end of April
2021, will receive, at closing, a rebate of $500 USD per $100,000 USD of the purchase price.  That’s one half of one percent.  For example, if you purchase a home that costs $475,000, your rebate would be $2,375.00.

We realize that for most this won´t cover the entire costs of your trip, but
hopefully it will help.

Creative Travel - What are others doing?

Although we have had several clients who have postponed their trips to San Miguel, we
have also seen several, both from the US and Canada taking some creative steps
to avoid the new restrictions, or at least minimize the possible impact on their
lives.  Below is a short list of how we see some clients responding.

  • Driving to San Miguel – A few clients who had
    intentions to fly have now told us that they are planning on driving.  At least for those from the US, this eliminates the some of the contagion risks of flying, and also the requirement
    of having to provide a negative covid test upon return to the US.
  • Flying to the Border and Walking Across – I have
    one client who decided to fly to US border city, walk across the border and
    then take a flight to Queretaro.  I think
    this would be possible from several cities. 
    This particular client is not opposed to taking a covid test before
    returning, but doesn’t want to take the risk of having to quarantine in San
  • Canadian clients – A couple I know who do have a place to easily pass the required quarantine upon returning to Canada, but they are also considering the options of flying to a US city with border access or other creative means.
  • Sight-Unseen purchases – Our agents have been doing a lot more FaceTime or live video chat showings of properties.   It seems that many clients are not ready to start traveling yet, but they would like to have a place to land when they do. We have helped several close on properties from a distance.